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Standard dock systems for your private home.

Residential Docks

From the standard straight dock to a custom marina. Beach King offers Roll Ins or Sectionals, making it the way you want it.
  • The Ease of adding and removing accessories or dock sections is second to none!
  • Beach King offers a Huge variety of accessories for your dock system. We will also custom make accessories to fit your needs.
  • With a 2″ wide by 7″ tall frame the Beach King dock only needs support legs every 16ft and is still stronger then most other docks.
  • Beach King dock frames are all welded together instead of bolted. This creates a much stronger and sturdier dock.
  • The sun decks can be welded on or made removable (customers choice) a welded sun deck is much more stable then bolted together.
  • The axle and support legs can be either on the Inside of the frame work or on the out side.
  • We have Three different ways to adjust the dock height from just Set Bolts to Screw Jacks or Winches that slide on the top of the legs.
  • We range from 3ft to 8 ft wide docks with as big as sun decks as the customer wants.
  • We have 8ft 12ft 16ft 20ft and 24ft standard sections. The less splices you have on a roll-in the dock the stronger dock you have.
  • We have roll-ins and sectional docks
  • We offer many different kinds of decking to fit customers wants and needs.
  • A True 15 year warranty right down to the welds
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Anywhere on your dock!

Designed with sides that accept accessories with Ease! Adding new accessories is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Beach King Docks

  • 2×7 Solid Frame
  • All Welded Main Frame or Bolted
  • Custom Built Accessories
  • Center Bearing Every 16″
  • Extra Plating in Every Corner
  • 15 year 100% Warranty
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  • Titan “Maintenance Free”
  • Powder Coated Tan Aluminum
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Genovations Decking – Lifetime Warranty
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Dock Accessories

  • Steps with or without Hand Railings
  • Ramps
  • Benches with or without Armrests and Cup Holders
  • Dock Furniture
  • Deep Water Kits
  • Bumpers
  • Post Bumpers
  • Corner Bumpers
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